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Introducing the Cut and Burn Window System!

Until now there has not been an easier way to install windows in your Shipping Container Home or Commercial Building. United Conex unique design puts the structural integrity back into your Shipping Container Structure!

All of our windows sizes are designed to fit within the out-most part of the shipping container protruded rib, leaving nice clean lines on both vertical sides of the window.

Advantages to the Patent-Pending Cut and Burn System:

  • Saves Time – cut your window and door install times by 66% using our unique system
  • True Square – no more fumbling around on site trying to ensure your steel cuts are welded and true
  • Energy Savings – Energy star rated windows
  • Structural – adds structural integrity back in the shipping container

A more comfortable Container Home! 

Our windows allow you to enjoy large expanses of glass—yet remain comfortable and virtually draft-free in your container home. These windows are designed to be exceptionally thermally efficient and airtight—and these properties are enhanced even further when you select one of our numerous ENERGY STAR qualified glass options. You’ll love the feel of your container home—as well as the savings you’ll see on your energy costs!

Protect your family—and your container home!

Our Guardian Window Line will help to ease your mind. Heavy-duty locks, super-strong frames and sashes, and many other innovative features make the Guardian Window Line some of the safest, most secure Windows you can install in your container home.

Classic beauty and unwavering value!

  • Attractive and stylish color choices
  • A panoramic view of the outdoors.
  • Easy-to-operate window styles.
  • Long-lasting reliability.

Our Cut and Burn Window Systems give you all of these benefits and more. They’re a practical and economical choice that will add beauty and value to your Container Home while reducing your installation time and costs.

Energy Savings & Comfort

When you think about creating a snug and comfy Container Home, your windows should play a key role. You want well-made, energy efficient windows that do not compromise the structural integrity of your Container Home. Our Window Systems will keep out cool drafts or scorching summer heat—reducing the time your heating and air conditioning units run. Windows that will create the comfortable haven you desire for your home.

Our window systems are the best, most energy-efficient windows on the market—ideal for saving energy dollars, safeguarding the environment and reducing your carbon footprint. Multi-chambered frames made of the very best vinyl coupled with our structural steel frames, advanced weather stripping, our unique Dura-Sill design, and ENERGY STAR certified impact glass…it all adds up to a window that offers truly exceptional energy efficiency and structural integrity.

Safety & Security

Do you feel at risk for potential burglaries or home invasions?
Our Guardian Impact Windows line is the key to safeguarding your family—and your home—against possible threats. Your home should be your sanctuary; a place where you don’t have to worry about the security of your family and possessions. Guardian windows can give you that peace of mind. Super-tough frames, heavy duty locks and impact resistant laminated glass —a combination that leads to unsurpassed security that will fortify your home’s most vulnerable entry points and help defend your home against intruders.

Style & Simplicity

Another important consideration when buying windows and doors is a fresh, clean and beautiful appearance that you can admire—without spending hours on maintenance. With the Cut and Burn Window System you get the best of both worlds. You can choose many window styles—from breeze-catching casements to gracefully designed double or single hungs. In addition to the stunning beauty they provide, the Cut and Burn Window Systems are significantly easier to keep clean and bright. Cleaning some windows can be exceptionally difficult—but the Cut and Burn Window System will save you time and aggravation because they allow you to access the outside of the glass for easy cleaning. The special-formula vinyl Soft-Lite uses practically cleans itself—and our windows require little or no maintenance.

National Crime Prevention Council

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Soft-Lite is the exclusive window sponsor of the National Crime Prevention Council. The company works with NCPC to educate consumers about home crime prevention strategies, particularly around window and door security. Soft-Lite Windows was recognized by the U.S.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a winner of the prestigious 2014 & 2015 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award and 2016 & 2017 Sustained Excellence Award for its outstanding contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by manufacturing energy efficient products and educating consumers about energy efficiency.

Everyone of our windows has an exterior 2″ x 4″ structural steel frame that is finished with weldable primer. We have multiple in stock designs, but can create custom sizes based on your needs.

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Stock Sizes

***Note width and heights are 4 1/4″ larger then the window size specified in the description
***Custom Sizes can be made

Name Description
CCS36.25-28.25 White Low-E Argon Slider Window 32″ x 24″
CCS34.25-40.25 White Low-E Argon Slider Window 30″ x 36″
CCS34.25-64.25 White Low-E Argon Single Hung Window 30″ x 60″
CCS56.25-22.25 White Low-E Argon Double Slider Window 52″ x 18″
CCS76.25-40.25 White Low-E Argon Double Slider Window 72″ x 36″
CCS56.25-56.25 White Low-E Argon Fixed Window 52″ x 52″
CCS46.25-64.25 White Low-E Argon Double Slider Window 42″ x 60″
Name Description
CCS41.25-93 White Low-E Argon Fixed Window 37″ x 88.75″
CCS41.125-81 White Low-E Argon Fixed Window 36.875″ x 76.75″
CCS50.5-100.25 White Low-E Argon Fixed Window 46.25″ x 96″
CCS50.5-93.5 White Low-E Argon Fixed Window 46.25″ x 89.25″
CCS52.75-41.25 White Low-E Argon Fixed Window 48.5″ x 37″
CCS27-41.25 White Low-E Argon Fixed  Window 22.75″ x 37″
CCS58.75-41.25 White Low-E Argon Fixed Window 54.5″ x 37″

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