Which Window System are you Interested in?

All of our Shipping Container Home and Commercial Windows are manufactured and Engineered to put the Structural Integrity back into the box. They give clean lines that leave a professional finish with sizes that are specific to be on the outer-most part of the corrugation.

To learn more on each window type click on one of the links below. If you need more information can be found in the Technical Engineering area of this site.

Crystal Window Line

A standard window that provides practicality and beauty where High Impact Windows are not needed. We consider this our standard window lines and they meet the Federal Requirements in regions where High Impact windows are not needed. This is our most cost effective solution and is above a standard contractor grade quality window. You would typically see these residential windows in upscale houses.

Guardian Window Line

High Impact Windows that can sustain Category F5 Hurricane Speed Winds giving you peace and mind.

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